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About A Father’s Day


A Father’s Day is the name of an original pop musical (“pop” because the music is generally more pop-style than Broadway) written by Nate Gagon (founder of Gaxagon Media) from Salt Lake City, Utah. The show debuted with a single performance in June 2015 at Cottonwood High School (the same venue where Michael McLean perform The Forgotten Carols every year) in front of a paying audience of close to 600.

A Father’s Day will be performed annually in Utah around the Fathers Day holiday with the goal of making it a cherished local tradition and perfect Fathers Day gift/event. In 2017 the show is being performed between June 14-19 at the Summit Academy in Draper, Utah (1225 East 13200 South; 84020). The hope is that the show catches on and eventually spreads to other performing groups around the world.

A Father’s Day is a story about the journey of life and meaning of family, told primarily from the perspective of fictional character Matthew Harper, as he and his wife Amy experience the highs and lows of life, marriage and parenthood along with their three children, who pass through the phases of growing from childhood to adulthood. While the show extols the value of family and the vast amount of love generated in the world through family relationships, A Father’s Day is not a fairy tale. The writer knows from experience that life, marriage and family is full of ups and downs, and this is reflected in the script and music. The show is also not religious or regional, so it will appeal equally to anyone who values family.

Our hope is that A Father’s Day will be an experience for families, couples and friends that will both entertain and uplift; make them laugh and pull at their heart strings. Our target audience is really anyone who’s ever been a son or daughter; brother or sister; mom or dad.

A Father’s Day is about 2 hours, 30 minutes long and is PG-equivalent. We respectfully ask our audience members to not bring young children who may cry or become agitated (generally those under 4 years old) to the show due to our filming of the shows and other considerations.